Dialogue Tags, Macro Editing, and More

We address listener-submitted topics, including ebooks, dialogue tags, and macro editing. This is our 25th (silver anniversary) episode. Thanks for listening!

We mention Wool’s publishing deal. Click the link for more info.

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In The Narrative Breakdown, Cheryl Klein, James Monohan, and other guest co-hosts discuss storytelling tips and techniques of interest to any writer, student, or fan of quality creative writing, screenwriting, playwriting, fan fiction, English literature, etc. Each episode, Cheryl and James draw upon their respective experiences in publishing and filmmaking to analyze popular novels, movies, plays, television shows, short stories, and song lyrics. Featuring various co-hosts and writers, as well as material from Cheryl Klein’s book ‘Second Sight’ and James’ iPhone / iPad app ‘The Storyometer.’


2 Responses to “Dialogue Tags, Macro Editing, and More”

  1. ME Burroughs September 24, 2013 at 8:43 am #

    Hey there — I just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your podcast. I listen (and re-listen) to it when I run in the wilds of northwest Sydney. I’m a high school English teacher and a writer, so I have two-pronged motivation for soaking up your words. (Also, thank you for introducing Rainbow Rowell to me via your interview–I tore through her Eleanor & Park, then pushed it into others’ hands, too!)

  2. Michael September 25, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Thanks for another great episode.

    I have often wondered about dialogue tags, and I like what you said about them creating a rhythm. I never really thought of it like that, and it really conveys the essence of words such as “said.”

    And that subject tied with macro editing led me to think how I sometimes pay way too much attention to smaller details such as dialogue tags when I should be thinking of larger picture stuff. Problem of a perfectionist that I’m really working on.

    What’s the highest priority for the story? is a great question to keep in mind.

    Look forward to the next podcast!

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