Using Meta-Data, Labels, Colors, Keywords, etc.


Scrivener expert Gwen Hernandez talks about using meta-data, labels, colors, keywords, and annotations to streamline projects and ease the re-writing process. To varying degrees, these techniques can be applied in other software, not just Scrivener.

And for those not familiar with Scrivener, we provide a brief introduction to the application that has become one of the most popular writing tools out there.

Check out some the links below for some great ideas about how to use meta-data.

Upcoming in the next episode – the return of Cheryl Klein and Matt Bird!

Some of Gwen’s Scrivener tutorials:

Custom Meta-Data
Advanced Highlighter Features

Other related case studies and tutorials:

Jason Hough on Using Labels
Paul Dorset on using Meta-Data for Character Points of View
Scrivener’s own tutorial on Custom Meta-Data
A Writers Circle forum post on using Keywords and Meta-Data.
Rebeca Schiller on the Outliner and Meta-Data
Scrivener’s tutorial on Revision Mode

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