Misunderstood Characters

Why a misunderstood character can be very useful. Featuring Cheryl Klein and Matt Bird! Check out Cheryl’s The Magic Words, and Matt Bird’s The Secrets of Story — the best creative writing books of the year. Yes, we’re a bit biased but it’s true! Mentioned in this episode: The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for […]

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Absurdist Fiction

Author David S. Atkinson discusses absurdist and weird fiction. Mentioned in the episode: David S. Atkinson’s website Not Quite So Stories Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories George Sanders H.P. Lovecraft Lewis Carroll’s  “Hunting of the Snark” Nikolai Gogol Franz Kafka Angie Tribeca Eugène Ionesco Etgar Keret Nathaniel Tower Aimee Bender Timothy Gager Treating a Sick […]

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Intro to Playwriting

We talk to New York playwright Brenton Lengel about the art and business of writing for the theater. Mentioned in the episode: Brenton Lengel’s website Mariah McCarthy Playwright Marco Ramirez Miss Mayfield’s Fifth Grade Class Reunion State of Play Productions Incorporated Humana Festival (March and April every year) North to Main (Brenton’s Play) Univesrity of Kentucky theater […]

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The topic is subtext: Why, when, and how you should use it. Cheryl and James, along with guest co-host Matt Bird, discuss several examples, including provocative theories about The Great Gatsby and The Hunger Games. Check out Matt’s excellent Cockeyed Caravan blog post about subtext. And check out Cheryl’s post on the same subject. As […]

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Character Hooks

We discuss brainstorming Character Hooks – instantly intriguing character traits that are full of dramatic and/or comedic potential. When you read a book’s flap copy or see the trailer for a movie it’s not just the the plot conceit, world, tone, style, and the talent involved that makes you want pony up your hard-earned cash. […]

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